Management and Bio-security

Apart from producing about 40,000 eggs per day, Oyster Poultry & Fisheries Ltd started production about 100 metric tons of chicken, 50 metric tons of fish and beef per year in completely medicine free system. Oyster chicks were most popular with broiler farmers in Sylhet. Currently purchasing new premises with the aim of producing chicks with the latest technology, Oyster Poultry & Fisheries Ltd continues its efforts to go back into production. Before going into the context of production, it is necessary to give some idea about bio security.

We have a four-tiered biosecurity system. After confirming the identity first, you can enter the office building by disinfecting yourself through the disinfectant tunnel as usual. Second: Prepare to enter the main project by going through the second step as usual by changing the dress and clothes. Third: Attempt to automatically disinfect you when crossing a bridge in the main project. This allows you to explore the entire project without just the shade. Fourth: After all, if you want to enter any production-related shed, you must be sprayed with disinfectant by some supervisor, only then can you visit the shed. In this regard, it should be noted that all sheds have footpaths as usual at the entrance.

We have a number of supervisors. Each of them is performing a specific task in each shade. Whom are supported full time by some young men, whose efficiency is hard to believe without seeing with your own eyes. Contrary to the traditional practice of the Sylhet region, the day's activities of the oysters begin as usual at dawn, and end the day's work as usual by completing their allotted 8 hours of duty before dusk. After Maghrib the supervisors prepared their floock reports: sending the report to the head office through the in-charge ensured accountability of their work. The project makes every effort not to use any antibiotics. A maximum of 2 to 3 vaccines and various types of disinfectants as well as regular deworming are applied. As a result, the effort of those working on the project is reduced and besides, the monthly cost of taka above lakhs is saved, some part of which is spent on beautification or cleaning. It should be noted that since conventional medicine is not commonly used in chickens, production increases by about 2 to 3 times.

Now let's come to the main production egg of this project. Our eggs have a unique feature. In other words, some eggs we clean directly with disinfectants and market them with the highest grading and perhaps the only project in the country to market stickered eggs produced on own farms which have a huge demand in the Sylhet region. Currently we have about 40,000 chickens in production. And soon one of the largest agricultural machineries manufacturing company of the world took up a state-of-the-art project built by America's famous Fortune 500 AGCO corporation, so that production of around 1 lakh eggs per day will start from next July, Inshallah. Our project will be fully automated i.e. feeding, drinking and Manure cleaning and Egg Plucking through different types of belts without human hand contact. As a result, we believe that the quality of our eggs will increase many times.

I would like to express my sincere thanks to the Hon'ble Prime Minister for reviving our lagging sectors once again by giving us loans under the facilities provided by the government to deal with the post-Corona situation. I also thank Shahjalal Islami Bank and Bangladesh Bank. Our journey has become much easier with their dedicated efforts.

We have several large ponds. From where besides regular fish production we have started biofloc in new experimental method. In addition to regular vegetable and fruit cultivation, we also strive for fully organic farming. Above all, we have started beef fattening in a completely natural way without killing the grasses of the project, i.e. using the leftover grass of the project, etc. This layer farm is the best example of an integrated project.